Australian Business Migration – Agent’s commission fees.

Australian Business Migration – Agent’s commission fees.

In aiding any Business Migration applicants, we make it one of our top priorities to inform and empower our client regarding the existence of any regulations that may benefit them in their application from both a procedural as well as financial stand point.

Referring to the Code of Conduct that applies to Registered Australian Migration Agents under:

Part 2 – Standards of professional conduct

2.2       If a registered migration agent:

  1. Gives advice of a non-migration nature to a client in the course of giving immigration assistance; and
  2. Could receive a financial benefit because of the advice;

The agent is required to inform the client in writing, at the time the advice is requested or given, that the agent may receive a financial benefit.

This particular regulation requires the agent, by law, to inform their clients in the event if they are to receive any commission for their referrals.

The above scenario applies to Business Visas in terms of when the agent has successfully assisted the client in the acquisition of their existing business or purchase of residential property, any commission received from the vendor must be in the knowledge of the client.

By the Australian Migration Agents Pty Ltd standards, not only are our clients well informed on such regulations but we also gladly offer the commissions we obtain from the broker and vendor as a client’s refund in the form of deductions from our professional fees.

By thess means, every single penny we obtain from the vendors will be credited back to you in the form of a refund of our professional fees by the end of your engagement terms.

It is an initiative not many agents are open to explore when informing their clients. Yet for us, this is just another added bonus point to prove our sincerity in carry out our services.

With your best interests as our priority, “We Do Only One Thing, and We Do It Best!”

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