Migrating for the betterment of children’s education

Migrating for the betterment of children’s education

Education has been one of the primary factors taken into consideration when choosing a country to migrate for the family.

For holders of Australian Provisional and Permanent visas, your dependent children are entitled to free education under the Australian Government up to year 12.

The Australian National Education is voted 4th best education in the world in 2017* based on their well-developed public education system.

This savings in education has become one of the main appeals for migration.

We did a case study comparison on the financial figures and how much a family can save up for quality education in Malaysia and Australia.

For a financially-able middle and upper-class Malaysian, quality education is often pursued through international schools and institutions.

An average Malaysian would have to spend up to RM1.4 million over 12 years of education for each child attending one of the top 5 international schools.

Given that a typical Malaysian family has an average of 2 children, these figures are doubled and will come up to as much as RM2.8 million for 12 years of education.

This savings of RM2.8 million that most families have calculated ahead of time, can then be allocated as an investment for a large property in a suburb where the top state school is located.

Any property that is close to the best schools within the suburb will always be in high demand and get constant appreciating resell value.

With these statistics presented above, we are certain that any business owner with at least 1 or 2 dependent school-going children will be able to benefit from such programmes in the long-term.


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