Benefits of migrating to Australia under Business Migration

Benefits of migrating to Australia under Business Migration

Migrating is a life-changing decision and there is no template-method to achieve your goal but this stressful event can be made smooth with appropriate professional support throughout the process.

Benefits of Migrating under Business Visa:

  1. Retain your existing business(es) – Migrating under Business Migration does not require you to close your existing business(es) in your home country.
  2. Age Restriction – Age restriction is flexible with provision for waiver under Business Migration.
  3. Business Expansion – With the assistant of government body AusTrade, you can use Australia as a base to expand your business networks regionally.
  4. Include your family – Under business migration, you can include your dependent family members irrespective if they intend to migrate or not.
  5. Financial Assets – Any assets under the name of the husband and/or wife can be accounted as one asset to satisfy the required financial metrics.
  6. Work & Study – The dependents members of the family are allowed to work and study in Australia.
  7. Free Education – Australia’s national education is ranked number 4 in the world. With Business Migration, all dependent children under the applicant are entitled to attend the primary and secondary school for free.
  8. Medical Coverage – You are entitled to receive the best medical services. Australia is one of the top medically advanced countries in the world. There is no class segmentation in the medical care, all are treated as first class patients.
  9. Australia Citizenship – You can eventually become an Australian citizen.

Australia is also famous for its natural wonders and beautiful environment that will ensure security and improve your quality of life.

Minimum eligibility to apply under Business Migration:

  • Have owned a business with turnover of at least AU$500,000 for at least 2 years in the last 4 financial year.
  • Business and Personal asset of at least AU$800,000
  • Intention to start a business in Australia.

With our 27 years of experience, Australian Migration Agents Pty Ltd will walk hand-in-hand with you and your family through your application to ensure you achieve a successful outcome.

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