Australian government invites business owners, private investors; property and land owners to invest in Australia.

For investing, Australia grants Permanent Resident status for those who are able to deposit USD$1.1million in a secured government deposit for four years with 1,5% annual  interest.

Additionally dependent children are entitled to free world-class primary, secondary and high school education in the top government schools.

In planning your Australian Business and Investment Visas, use the services of Robert Chelliah as the MARA Registered Agent.

Robert is an Australian Registered Migration Agent with Registration Number 92-54011 who has been practicing since 1992. He is based in Phnom Penh and provides FREE face to face eligibility assessment.

Counselling available in English and Khmer language, assisted by Ms Hor Sonita and Ms Lek Chenla

Contact Robert NOW for a FREE consultation.

Ms. Sonita: +(855) 1628 1999 / Ms. Chenla: +(855)1234 3800

Robert: +(855) 1233 5259 / 1533 5259

At this free private counseling you will get to know from the registered agent accurately on:

  1. The strategy to select the most relevant business visa suited to your intentions.
  2. The relevant Australian migration laws that applies to the selected visa.
  3. The financial metrics for the various Business visas.
  4. The immigration department policy guidelines.
  5. How to get state nomination for your business visa
  6. The time frame for visa processing and approval.

By using Robert K Chelliah (MARN 92 54011) as the Australian registered agent you will be protected by the Australian Consumer Protection Laws, The MARA issued Code of Conduct (a free copy in English and Khmer language will be given to you at the counselling session), The Australian Privacy Act and the Australian Criminal and Penal Code;

Robert Chelliah is one of the oldest migration agents in Australia and comes with over 27 years of practice experience.

Call Robert now to take advantage of the FREE counselling on how you can expand your business and investment into Australia under the capital guaranteed interest bearing Australian bank deposit that gives you Australian Permanent Residency visa.


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