Choosing the Right Registered Migration Agents (Australian Visa Application)

Choosing the Right Registered Migration Agents

(Australian Visa Application)

When planning for an application, there is always this life-changing question on how to determine whether we are engaging the right agents for your Australian visa application.

Here are a few pointers you need to take into consideration when choosing the right MARA Registered agent to represent your case:

  1. Genuine MARA Registered Agent.

It is crucial to make sure that the agent you are appointing is a genuine MARA registered agent.

Check on their registration number at the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority website:

There have been cases of fake registered agents especially if the agent is based outside of Australia.

  1. Years of experience & Track Record

An experienced MARA agent is crucial when deciding to proceed with any of your Australian visa applications.

Engage a migration agent who will empower you with the basic rules and policy requirements under the Australian migration laws.

The years of experience are important in ensuring that the agent possess the ability to represent your case and the knowledge to advocate on your behalf with the powerful bureaucracy.

Successful track record is another matter for consideration, it is physical proof that will help you determine the quality of an agent.

  1. Transparency

An agent should be transparent. The quality of the relationship between you and the agent is important based on trust, openness and professionalism.

An experienced agent should be able to strategize your migration plan most efficiently that is suitable to your needs and preferences.

The agent must be competent, well-versed over the legislation and interpretation including the administrative procedure in processing your application.

An agent must be able to provide answers and demonstrate candidness over your intended application.

An agent is required by law to provide the Code of Conducts to the assigning client.

An experience agent should be able to process your application on a cost-effective framework, agents are not supposed to charge the clients for the time undertaken for research.

The contract of engagement should be comprehensive and should not provide for surprises.

All fees must be stated upfront and clearly for the client to approve upon their engagement.

Apart from the above, do your due-diligence when deciding on an agent. In this time and era, a check over the internet will be able to provide you more than adequate information on the agent’s background as well as their company.

With our 27 years of experience, Australian Migration Agents Pty Ltd adheres to the above policies in our engagement with all of our clients.

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