Know your preferred Migration Agent.

Before you decide to appoint your preferred agent to assist you with your Australian visa application, do a complete search on their background to ensure they comply and are legitimate Registered Australian Migration Agents.

Australian Migration Agents PTY LTD delivers our services right to doorstep with full force and compliance with Australian Consumer Protection Laws, protected by the Australian Migration Agents Code of Conduct.

Our agent’s experience and knowledge in Australian Legislation and Migration Law surpasses the rest!

To know your agent, your agent’s MARA Registration number SHOWS how many years the agent has been in the industry, which translates to how much experience they have in handling cases or if they are experienced enough to attend to your case should you require any form of complex intervention and appeal.

The first 2 Digits of their MARA Registration Numbers, indicate the registration year.

Robert Chelliah – MARN No. 92-54011, established himself in 1992 and has over 40 years experience in handling Australian Immigration related cases.

Do your due diligent! Does your preferred agent have wide enough experience, knowledge and exposure to fight for your appeal, should you require one?

It can be a life-changing decision, deciding on an agent! With Australian Migration Agents PTY LTD, WE DO ONLY ONE THING, AND WE DO IT BEST!


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