Benefits of using MARA Registered Agent for Australian Visa application.

In choosing a migration agent to help you apply for visa, it is important to check that they are registered with the office of the migration agent registration authority (MARA).

It is against the law to provide immigration advice in Australia, unless registered by MARA.

You can verify and check if your agent is registered with MARA:

  • Look for their seven digits agent’s registration number.
  • Go to go the MARA website ( and click on search for an agent.
  • Enter your agent’s details including their unique Migration Agent’s Registration Number.

Australian Registered Agents are accountable to:

  • Australian Consumer Protection Law.
  • Code of Conduct as prescribed in the migration act 1998.
  • Migration Regulations 1994.
  • Australian Crimes Act 1914.
  • Criminal Code Act 1995.
  • The Trade Practices Act 1974.

Every client is protected under the above laws upon engaging the service of a Registered MARA Migration Agent.

If you use unregistered broker, you are exposed to the risk of without having any protections.

By law, a registered agent must:

  • Adhere to the standards in the Code of Conduct.
  • Be realistic about your chances of getting a visa.
  • Provide you with an agreement of services and fees before commencing of work or take money from you. This agreement should give you a breakdown of costs involved plus the agent’s professional’s fee.
  • Keep you informed about the progress if your visa application and provide let you know about the outcome of your application in writing.
  • Provide you with an invoice for the work they have done.

Remember if you get advice from someone who is not a registered migration agent, the office of the MARA cannot assist you with your problem.

There are many benefits of hiring an agent:

  • They know about Australia’s immigration law and procedures.
  • Can provide immigration advice, and recommend a suitable pathway.
  • They will lodge a well-prepared application with all required documents, which can make it easier and faster to get a decision on your visa
  • They are bound by a Code of Conduct and must provide accurate advice.
  • They must keep your money in a separate account until the work is performed.
  • They must inform you about your visa outcome in a timely manner

You can make a complain to MARA if you are unhappy with a migration agent service, more information is available at:

Beware of people claiming to be migration agents who are not registered with MARA:

  • They may have limited knowledge about Australia’s immigration law and procedures
  • Give incorrect advice, make unrealistic promises, or take advantage of your situation
  • They may not handle your money properly; some unregistered agents have defrauded large amounts of cash from clients.
  • They may misplace your important original documents
  • They may not inform you about your visa outcome.



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