An overview on the New MIA Directorial Tenure Proposal

An overview on the New MIA Directorial Tenure Proposal

With the increasing number of migration agents, both based in Australia as well as off-shore, there is a disaster looming following the new regulation changes proposed by the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA).

One of the resolutions seeks to amend the constitutions, to extend the maximum terms of directorial from two periods of two years (a maximum of 4 years) to three periods of three years (a maximum of 9 years) with the base justification that “the profession” has become dynamic and complex defying the maxim entrenched power corrupts absolutely.

This is indirectly revealing the true colors from a power craving management that is seen far removed from its grass-root members other than conducting CPDs. This is mainly seen as a marketing organization of its endorsed product rather than advocating for the rights of the agents and also to maintain the luxurious management style.

It is a well-known fact that the MIA is nothing but a poodle pet of the Department of Immigration Border Protection.

Unlike the Migration Alliance, it has never visibly advocated for the interest of the agents or their clients where their rights are concerned.

Case in point: Have any of the agents tried to get a real-life voiced contact and direct contact with a department officer easily, rather than having to wait for hours listening to lengthy automated answering system?

And what has the MIA done about this? Absolutely nothing that one knows of!

Another significant matter at hand for example: What has MIA done about the unregistered practice within and outside Australia? Nothing, nothing effectively!

With these, we should strongly object for the Board of Directors to remain in their comfort zone for 9 years entrenched. It is absolutely necessary that we do not allow these constitutions to be amended.

Their rationale that the migration service has become complex does not hold water. This extension of tenure was attempted once before and it was overwhelmingly rejected by the members.

Together let’s voice out our objections through proxy and the media.


Robert Chelliah.

Robert is one of the longest serving migration agents in Australia. With 27 years of experience as an agent and over 40 years of experience working with the Australian Migration and Border Protection, he stands firm in his beliefs to ensure fairness and impartiality of all practices under Australian Migration related matters and legislation. He is one of the key members who fought against racist intentions of the old MIA to impose English language requirement for renewal of agent’s registration.