Comprehensive Service in your move to Australia

We provide end-to-end services until the Permanent Resident visa is confirmed.

This end-to-end service stretches from 1 to 3 years and our fees are segmented accordingly to the period of assistance you require of us.

Professional fees for a 1-year service, will be different compared to a 3-year service provided.

We have built-in provision for the complete refund of the fees if you as the client appoints us to assist you with the due-diligent in the acquisition of your business in Australia and the purchase of your Australian home.

The details of the yearly processes are underlined below:

  1. If you are under Provisional visa (Subclass 188 – Innovation,188 – Investors), it takes up to 3 years for provisional visa holder to convert to Permanent visa. We provide support services for these 3 years in Australia.
  2. If you going under Provisional Visa Subclass 188 Investors or Significant Investor visa, it takes 4 years for provisional visa holder to convert to Permanent visa. We provide support services for these 4 years in Australia.
  3. If you are going under Permanent Visa Subclass 132 – Business Talent, we provide support services for 2 years until the review by the State and Commonwealth Government for your Permanent Visa to be confirmed.

The comprehensiveness of our services for the above period and details to our services for each stage:


1. Assessment and Strategizing for eligibility

Assessment and strategizing for your eligibility should only be done by a registered agent. No staff or consultant should advice you without the present of the agent himself.

2. Coalition of documents for State Nomination.

An agent should be able to put together a submission of documents to lobby for your state nomination. Again, no staff or consultant of the migration agent is eligible to act on your behalf for the lobbying of State Nomination.

3. Coalition for documents for Visa Application.

Coalition of all documents required for your visa submission should be attended by the agent ensuring the sufficient and precision of documents provided.

4. Responses for post submission clarification.

Agent should always be on alert even during post submission, any responses and/or clarification required during this time you should always be inclusive.


5. Upon Visa grant,

Upon visa grant, it is important to acquire the assistance from your agent with the establishment of business registration to lead you in the right direction that will ease your visa conversion (For applicant under Subclass188)

6. Post-Arrival Assistance.

Assistance with school enrollment of children and purchase of residential property.

7. Advise on business proposal and/or changes of business plan.

strategizing, execution of business proposal and assistance in changes of your business plan with a small nominal fee involved.

8. Advice and Evaluation of Business activity.

An agent should be competent to provide 2-year of quarterly advice and evaluation of business activity and statement to ensure a successful conversion to Permanent Visa.

9. Assistance for review (Subclass 132 Visa)

Assistant will be provided to ensure you as the client satisfy the requirements for your visa review.


10. Application for conversion.

Be sure that you agent will be able to assist you further for the application for conversion from your provisional visa to permanent visa. An additional fees applies for the application for conversion.


  1. Refund of vendor’s Commission

Where acquisition of existing business or purchase of residential property with done with the assistance of the agent, we refund the professional fees from the commission received from the vendors.

  1. Introduction to Chambers of Commerce, financial institutions, Marketing bodies of Australia, etc.

Our fees are structured accordingly and can be segmented according the extensiveness of assistance you require of us.

Apart from the above, do your due-diligence when deciding on an agent. In this time and era, a check over the internet will be able to provide you more than adequate information on the agent’s background as well as their company.

With our 27 years of experience, Australian Migration Agents Pty Ltd adheres to the above comprehensiveness of services in our engagement with all of our clients.

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