An overview on VISA Subclass 132 – Business Talent (Permanent)

An overview on VISA Subclass 132 – Business Talent (Permanent)

For visa subclass 132 Business Talent, one of the legislated mandatory requirements is that the applicant must have a minimum 30% equity in one or two companies for the two relevant nominated years which equities to AU$400,000 as applicant’s equity asset in the companies.

One of the challenging questions that is often raised was: Is there any way out of this mandatory requirement when the applicant has less than AU$400,000?

It is conceivable that there are legally based options to satisfy these mandatory requirements in other ways, under certain circumstances.

Only an experienced and competent agent will know of these lawful options and we are one of the few to have successfully exercised these lawful options for more than one applicant.

The past 27 years has provided us with more than sufficient experience and expertise knowledge on all aspects on the Australian Migration laws and procedures to advocate on our clients’ behalf, to ensure that the application will satisfy each and every financial metric requirement.

Australian Migration Agents Pty Ltd will waltz you through your application every step of the way to ensure the applicant achieves successful outcome.

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